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Over 40,000 searches are being conducted on Google per second.

Google is the worlds largest search engine, with over 40,000 search queries occurring every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. And those searchers are reachable when you promote your business using Google Ads.

Many small business owners assume Google advertising is reserved only for large businesses, which is not the case. Businesses of any size can utilise Google ads to get their products and services in front of those individuals who are searching for that particular product or service you have on offer. And the cost to do so is far lower than you may imagine. In fact, Google advertising is far less expensive than other methods of popular advertising.

Google ads also allow you to target your promotions to those who are already looking for what your business is selling. Once an ad has been created, it can be monitored for effectiveness, and then modified instantly. Once a Google ad has been created, it takes very little time to go live and for you to start seeing results.




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Cost-Effective Solutions from Aidem Media

If used ineffectively, Google AdWords can prove to be costly for your business. Here at Aidem Media we can help ensure the Google portion of your advertising campaign remains affordable. Our Fixed Fee Google Ads package means there will be no surprises; we not only set up, but also manage your campaigns for you. With many years of experience under our belt, you can enjoy seamless campaigns at a cost that will be kept in line with any budget size.

Our experts at Aidem media are results-driven, so will analyse all aspects of your campaign to ensure that you get results, not just visitors to website traffic. We strive to fully understand your business and objectives so that only the best campaigns are delivered to your audience. Learn more about the fixed price Google advertising packages available for your business by contacting us.

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