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Why New Businesses Must Adapt to Social Media Growth

It’s unfortunate that most start-ups cease trading within the first year of business. There are many reasons. Ultimately, they run out of cash and assets and join the ranks of the failure statistics. Many of these can be avoided if the business engaged in effective promotion. One of the best ways of promoting your new business is social media. Even if you have social media accounts, you need to ensure you’re getting the best use from them. They are changing all the time and you need to keep up with new standards and tools to stay ahead of the game.


Social Media Adaptation Means Effective Reach

As a start-up, you’ll need your fingers in as many pies as possible. You’ll certainly need social media accounts, but they are not enough on their own. Regular posting is not enough on its own either. Too many new businesses fall into this trap. Each year brings new changes. A platform that had no business use last year may become the next big thing for SME promotion. There was a time Facebook had no business value. Now, many organisations are branching into Instagram because of their recent changes.


You Should Go Where Your Customers Go

It’s all about customer outreach. We know how powerful social media is, but asking which is the best social media platform is the wrong question. You need to determine which is best for your customers; that depends on their demographic. Make sure you keep up to date on changes with current social media platforms though. As made in the previous point, what may have been a poor source last week could be the best for you this week when new changes are introduced.


Adaptation is How You Grow as a Business

Adapting your business to the changing demands or needs of your customer is the only way to grow. This is as true for online services as it is offline. If you don’t adapt, you fall behind. You risk being stuck years behind your competitors who are making an active effort to adapt to the changing environment. Follow the blogs of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all other forms of social media. There, you will get news of upcoming changes. Always be prepared to consider how these changes might benefit your business.


You Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media

Your customers expect you to have a social media presence. Whether you’re a sole trader, a small local business employing a dozen people or an international market leader, they will go to their favourite channels and look for you. Just five years ago, having business social media accounts was a frivolous step that made you appear forward thinking. Today, you can’t get by without them. Customers want to tweet you, share your content and communicate directly with your social media team.


It’s a Cheap / Cost Free Method of Self-Promotion

Few things in life are free, especially when running a business, but social media is one of them. They are able to maintain their businesses at no charge through advertising. If you’re not using social media, you’re missing out on a free promotion tool. You’re also missing out on the great business promotional tools that they offer to users. You can pay to target your posts, tweet, videos and so on at your target audience. All social media sites have realised how useful this is.

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