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What’s New in Social Media Right Now?

Social media is one of the most power mediums today for both social and business users. All major players – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, YouTube and Twitter regularly add new features. Updates, tweaks and overhauls are essential to remain relevant, drive the platforms forward and cater to changing demands of the users. Here is what is happening right now with changes in the major social media platforms.

Facebook’s “Messenger Day”

The biggest story for the world’s largest social media platform was another upgrade to the messenger system. Most of the overhauls of Facebook in 2017 have focused on the messaging aspect in a bid to compete with SnapChat, WhatsApp and other multimedia messaging systems. Messenger Day allows you to take a single image of your day and add cool effects. The potential business tool here is that you can reach out to your customers on Facebook at the touch of a button with topical images with relevant seasonal overlays.


Instagram’s Video Posts and Multiple Images

Instagram added two major updates this month. The first is the ability to add a carousel of images. This is fantastic news for showcasing new products and services, much like you would add multiple images to a single post on Facebook. Until now, images have been kept separate from each other unless you wanted to put the images in ads (not always preferable). Now, with the ability to post multiple images into categories – by date, by product or simply on a theme of the user’s choosing, it’s changed how we use Instagram.

The second addition is Instagram Story Ads. Arguably, this is even more useful for businesses users. Now you can run ads through the Instagram Stories features too. Its primary goal is to allow you to reach as many people as possible with your ad. These ads will appear at the top of the feed so you won’t drop down the list as you would elsewhere.


VR Technology for YouTube

All month, the video-based social media giant has posted multiple blog posts on VR technology. It was only a matter of time before this happened but their biggest announcement is an experimental music concert streaming on YouTube. They also expect to branch out their video gaming content too, taking up the two areas expected to invest most heavily in Virtual Reality. If successful, YouTube will be ahead of the game of many others for what is still a growing technology. Few people have VR at present, but those who do demand choice in how they use it.


Trending Storylines on LinkedIn

The businesses networking site LinkedIn has always been one step behind most other platforms. It’s understandable that it has fewer users; it has never tried (and does not want) to break out of its niche as a business networking website. It does what it does very well, but many users feel it could take some of the best elements from Facebook and other platforms. This month, LinkedIn announced an update where it will highlight trending stories. News trends from your industry will help B2B users curate content and keep up to date what’s going on in their industry more easily.




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