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Social Influencers are the New Broadcasters: A Beginner’s Guide

In the late 1990s, the internet was born. Over the following years, it fundamentally began to change how we sell goods and services. Many businesses took to it immediately and web advertising was born. This integration of the web into our lives has forced marketers to change, adapt and evolve to a changing environment. Today, one new way of spreading the word about a business or its products or services is Social Influencing. Perhaps it’s new to you, but it’s about to change how you market.

What is a Social Influencer?

Social Influencer Marketing builds engagement and authority by building relationships – using influential websites, well-known social media figures and celebrities. Instead of using their social media accounts to post about products and services, businesses engage others in spreading the word. They might offer free products for a fair and honest review, or pay Social Media Influencers to advertise their product. It’s word of mouth evolved into a logical and more focused form of marketing.


How Does Social Influencing Marketing Work?

This engagement presents an air of authenticity from an actual user of a product. People look to the opinions of those they respect. They find a human face much more trustworthy than a faceless business or a representative of that business. When celebrities endorse products either related or unrelated to the reason they are famous, people will buy it. It doesn’t matter that they are not an expert, the fact that they are in the public sphere is often enough.

Social Influencer Marketing has the ability to become a powerful message. It’s a method backed up with hard statistics. According to a recent marketing survey, word of mouth accounts for anything between 20% and 50% of all sales. As we spend so much time on the internet all of the time, that makes it a powerful medium through which to sell.


How Can Social Influencing Benefit Your Business?

If you have not considered using Social Influencer Marketing before now, here are some reasons to do so.

  1. How an audience expects businesses to engage with them is changing. Ad blockers are a small part of the problem, but most people simply scroll past adverts. There is clear and solid evidence that traditional forms of advertising no longer work, especially on the web. No matter how good your ad, if it isn’t being seen, it’s guaranteed to fail
  2. Marketing agencies spent 59% more on influencer marketing in 2016 compared to 2015. 2017 is likely to see a similar increase as businesses of all sizes start to see the method’s success
  3. It’s a more effective form of native advertising (paid advertising that look like editorials or blog articles). The key difference is that it comes across as even more organic or natural
  4. It has a recorded higher Return on Investment Rate. One study suggested that for every £1 spent, a marketing campaign will reap £6.85 back
  5. It’s a more effective outreach method as you are going to where your audience is definitely going to be and will definitely see your promotion. Most modern outreach promotions focus on quantity – the more it’s seen the more effective it can be. Social Influencer Marketing is about quality, focusing on core audiences most likely to buy
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