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New: Social Media Marketing Trends for Summer 2017

It’s incredible sometimes, even to us, just how quickly social media marketing changes. Using cutting edge methods and technology from 2015 in 2017 may leave you standing way behind your competitors. Summer 2017 is an exciting time in social media. As we head into the second half of the year, this is what dominates right now.

Which Platforms are Marketers Using?

The four platforms dominating social media marketing in 2016 were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. There have already been shifts in platform popularity over the course of a year. In May, it was reported that Facebook usage for social media marketing increased from 93% to 94%. Instagram had the biggest climb from 44% to 54% and Snapchat use increased from 5% to 7%. Although a small market share, this could increase exponentially over the course of the year.

Which Platforms are on the Decline?

In contrast, Twitter use declined from 76% to 68%; this is a moderate drop but it remains a significant part of marketing campaign and promotion. LinkedIn usage dropped from 67% to 56%. YouTube’s usage as a social media marketing platform dropped from 56% to 45% and Pinterest dropped from 40% to 30%. This last one is significant. Pinterest is great for driving traffic through the use of images but has always been a mix of hobby users and art/crafts small business.

Most Commonly Used Media Types

It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that the most commonly used media type is the visual image, used by 85% of marketers. A picture is worth a thousand words and in the Internet world where the consumer has a short attention span, an image is a great way to grab their attention.

That’s not to say that the written word is useless. On the contrary, business blogging is a popular method of customer engagement. Blogging makes your engagement feel more personal; 66% of marketers use this method in their outreach.

Video represents something like 5% of all internet content but over 95% of visited material. There is no better ROI in terms of user engagement. Video is a popular method media type with social media marketing with 57% of marketers using it for customer engagement. Live video is the growth area of the year. Once a niche and seen as a bit of a marketing gimmick, it’s proven hugely popular with users and social media marketers alike. 28% of professionals use it in their campaigns.

Podcasting represents 8% of all social media marketing content. This could be the growth area for the second half of 2017 and beyond. Podcasts are digital audios file that users download to an MP3 player or phone to listen while commuting. It’s a bit of an untapped resource at present.

Mobile is now the Norm

Mobile was once seen as a growth area and one to focus on now for the future. The future is here as far as mobile connectivity is concerned. Your social media marketing simply must take into account that the majority of users access web services through mobile sites and apps. This means click-throughs to websites that are mobile ready, videos, blog posts and images that reflect the needs of the mobile user and the ability to engage fully with you on the mobile device rather than waiting to get home.

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