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How the Instagram Stories update can help your business

“Good artists copy; great artists steal” – timeless words spoken by artistic great Picasso. As Steve Jobs puts perfectly: He wasn’t speaking about stealing intellectual property or infringing on patents; rather, he was referring to blending ideas from various disciplines such as the arts, science, and music and combining them in innovative ways to achieve something new (Source:

This could not be truer as Instagram has ‘taken’ Snapchat’s successful’s business model and transformed it by taking it to new heights; helping to bridge the gap so many businesses were struggling to fill on Snapchat. They have done this by combining the opportunity to show the human side of your brand and showing it to a extensive network of people compared to Snapchat.

What is Instagram stories?

For those of us not familiar with Instagram stories, its just like Snapchat; you upload a stream of photos to Instagram which then stay live at the top of your newsfeed for a maximum of 24 hours. After this period, your users can no longer see that post.

What is the problem for businesses using Snapchat?

The marketing team of countless businesses have tried to ‘unlock’ the code for success on Snapchat, but the obstacles they faced were glaring. As opposed to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, where your potential market is already on the platfor, with Snapchat it is a whole different ball game. There is no search section, no ‘recommended’ people to follow and the growth of your follower base had to be organic. You would have to encourage people to come on to the platform and then follow YOU, and anyone that does follow you, you have no idea to see if they are even the target audience due to the almost non-existent profile section for users.

How does Instagram stories help my business?

Instagram on the other hand changes the game. For those businesses already on this platform, your follower base is already been built and can be expanded. For those not yet setup on this platform, you can build your follower base using hashtags, search for relevant users and reach the right people via Instagram ads.

With the discover functionality, you can now showcase the human side of your brand to new levels. Doodle over photos, record funny events in the workplace and show the ‘fun’ side of your company. Brands like Google are hugely oversubscribed for vacancies because they show everyone how fun it is to work there, saving millions in traditional recruiting methods. You too can now take advantage of this.

If your business is struggling to market itself on Snapchat, now is the time to make the switch over to Instagram stories. The possibilities are now endless, you can engage with users more, help build a stronger brand, and even drive new prospects to your business through showcasing new products and services. Something hard to do on Snapchat unless you have countless followers.

What next for Snapchat business users?

We are not saying abandon ship on Snapchat, but it remains to be seen if businesses will look to throw valuable resources to market their brand when they can do it on Instagram with easier use.

Having said that, jumping on the Instagram stories craze rather than following through with Snapchat makes business sense, and will lead to many businesses bringing their attention to Instagram stories rather than to Snapchat very soon.

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