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Five Essential Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

If you want your business to succeed, you will need to rebrand at some point. Even the world’s biggest and most profitable organisations have done it to remain relevant. Trends change; technology changes; customer expectations change. If you’re not moving forward you’re falling behind. Yet rebranding need not be a monumental and expensive task as […]

Do I Need a Big Budget for Digital Marketing?

The internet is a virtual space full of opportunity. More than ever before, small businesses can reach out to customers, not just in their local area, but globally. Few business tools have opened as many doors as the web. It’s also drastically reduced the costs of customer outreach, essentially using your audience as a tool […]

Using the Golden Ratio in Web Design

Using the Golden Ratio in Web Design   Commonly found in nature and sought by artists and photographers alike, there is a philosophy and a visual science behind The Golden Ratio. Visual artists use it to create attractive and captivating imagery that draws the eye. As a web designer, you too can use it to […]

The importance of great website design

The Importance of Great Website Design   Must businesses today cannot survive without a web presence. Some can get away with little more than an address and phone number listing. However, the rest need a strong online presence – that includes active social media and a website. But there is more to having a website […]

All About Google Algorithm Update June 2017

After a huge silence of almost 10 months since October 2016, Google finally rolled out an algorithm update on 25th June lasting for six or more days. Though, there were few unconfirmed updates in between but this one looks huge and lots of webmasters are noticing huge changes in Google organic traffic and rankings, positive […]